Monday, May 14, 2007

I LOVE HER (scoin-scoin and all...)

Blogsville! What’s good! I know it’s been a minute, been hard at work in the trenches man. Let me not lie, half of the time na blogs I dey read men. I saw Taurean Minx's Nige pics the other day...chei, she's hot o. In fact, o wa very bearriful. Babaalaye beware!

But on the real, I literally spent like one straight 24 hour period at the library last week. Some people have even been telling me to quit blogging until after my exams, but i can't leave y'all man. Not for nothing. It’s all good though, it’ll be over soon.

The weekend was great men. We hit the club on Friday night, and it was a such a laugh. If you know me, then you know I’m a serial clowner. I love clowning girls I talk to, ‘cos their reaction usually tells you what they’re like. Really confident women usually just laugh or clown you back. The arrogant or insecure ones just get really pissed quickly. Anyways, so this girl came up to our table on Friday and struck up a conversation with me. She was actually quite hot-looking, and I gathered she was a Nige babe ‘cos of her name. Men the girl had to be one of the fakest people I’d ever met and I swear after like fifteen minutes, you’d have thought it was a job interview.

Me- So where do you usually party?

Chick-Well I come here a lot, I also love Crystal and Boujis…..

Me- Boujis abi? How long have you been in England for?

Chick- Errrm….since 2003

Me- Wow, only four years. So why are you giving me the hard British accent now?

Chick- It’s just the way I talk.

Me- Yeah right. I moved to England when I was 14, and I’m not speaking to you with a British accent.

Chick- Well, I lived in England when I was very young so….

Me-Really? Awon English babes….

At some point during the conversation, the babe tells me how great a cook she is, so I ask her what she can cook.

Chick- I make very lovely Spaghetti Bolognese, sirloin steak, stuff like that.

I’m looking bored.

Me-That’s it? What else?

Chick- I can actually make nice mussel pasta too….

What the? Is this girl drunk? I’m sure she’s an amala specialist.

Me- I mean, you’re telling me you can cook all these things that I could just pick up from an Italian spot. Matter of fact, I can cook most of that stuff myself. What’s sexy to me is a girl who can cook Nige food. Now that’s hot.

Chick- Well I can cook jollof rice, fried rice, stew….

Me- Really? It’s getting a little more interesting now. How about more traditional stuff? Like efo?

Chick- Oh spinach? I’m great at that!

Me- Nice..what else?

Chick- I can also make this soup, I can’t remember the name of it now….errr..

Me- You can’t remember what it’s called?? Hmm…..what’s it look like?

Chick- Well it’s usually very dark, and it draw….it’s gooey….kinda like okra….

Me- Gooey abi?

Chick- Yes….errr….

The joker almost said “it draws.”

Me- Ogbono?

Chick- Yes! That’s it.

Me- You’re telling me you didn’t remember it was called that?

Chick- Haha, I did. I just didn’t wanna say it.

Me- ‘Cos you think it’s not cute to say ‘ogbono?’

The babe was just sitting there laughing o.

Chick- It’s not cute at all.

If I slap this razz babe. I swear I was so irritated I felt like pouring my drink over her head. Ah ah! How pretentious can people be? I bet you she speaks some ethnic Nigerian language at home and chops slap whenever her popsi’s eba is not ready on time! Joker.

It’s amazing how fake people are men. Keep it real!

Meanwhile the boys and I had a very deep conversation about it the other day. Guys were just chilling, shacking henny and red bull as usual, and we were talking about…..believe it or not…luuurve. Hehe, I know what you’re thinking. Meeeen, I think it’s the quarter-life syndrome men. You start thinking you’ve been there and done that, and kinda wanna settle down right?

Anyhow, it was me, Prettyboy, Roroski and the gang. Prettyboy said you know you’ve found the one when you can honestly be yourself around her all the time. Hmm, my theory was… know you’re in love when you know you’re down for a person even when you know all her scoin-scoin. Omo, don’t ask me what scoin-scoin is o….I stole it from ex-schoolnerd, but my boys and I have redefined it and we use it all the time now! Shout out to ESN!

But my people, this was a serious argument o. Prettyboy and I were talking about how, with all the hot chicks we meet, there’s always one scoin-scoin or the other. Always. Now, the argument again, is that it’s love when you love a person despite all the scoin-scoin. You accept it, you’re down for them regardless. Now that’s love. See the thing is, for most of the women I’ve met, I’ve been put off early by one small scoin-scoin, or later by bigger scoin-scoin.

For example, I remember one chick I used to date back in the day. She was a nice intelligent babe, very good-looking and whatnot, but she was extra clingy. Damn! At first I thought it was kinda cute, but men this babe took the term “touchy feely” to another level. I mean there’s nothing wrong with being affectionate, but hot damn! Ah ah! I’ll never forget the first time we slept in the same bed. Omo I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic.


Men I thought I was being strangled. As in, the babe’s body don contort all around my body men. For a split second, I couldn’t make out what the hell was going on. You know when you’re still all groggy from sleep? I come begin find my leg o. Jesus! Wey my leg? Ese mi da???

I couldn’t even make out mine from hers. Inside this heat. Bloody hell. Her arm was wrapped tight around my neck and her mouth was positioned right in front of my nose. Meeeen! And I couldn’t now move ‘cos I didn’t wanna wake her up. Which kin’ wahala be this? Chei! And morning breath just dey pump! Omo I wan faint. Na so I sleep till morning o.

Men, that’s pretty much how we used to sleep. I’d be sweating like a madman in the middle of the night, but I couldn’t yarn. If I moved, she’d adjust herself again. If I turned, she’d wake up and say I was being unaffectionate. Say na wetin she dey used to. Awon boys couldn’t sleep without hugging the babe. Imagine!

This babe eh, she always had to hold hands when we stepped outside my door. EVERY MOMENT. We had to go everywhere together. Had to call her ‘baby.’ And I couldn’t complain o. I no fit tell am anything or she go wan cry. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with calling your woman baby, but when SHE gives herself the title, it starts to bother you. She say she be princess for her papa house. The girl no dey hear word o. Everything na fight. This is how she’s been treated her whole life blah blah. One time I almost said to her “You dey crase. Is this your father’s house?” My peeps, I can’t front, omo I had to dismiss the babe in the end o. That was some messed up scoin-scoin men.

I met one Fola chick one time that was nice as well. Correct chick o, good-looking, sense of humour, e’rrythang! She had a crazy sense of style and I was really feeling the babe. But men, this girl’s nose men. Gaddem! As in, I’m not shallow or anything, but that nose dey distract me men. Kai! Sometimes she would look at me and the nose go just dey expand. No lie! One time I asked the babe, “Are you actually flaring your nostrils?” She said no. Ah ah! Wharra hell! Your nose dey talk again??? Omo, most people would say that was nothing, but that small scoin-scoin was enough to put me off men. Hehe, trivial I know, but I’m just keeping it real.

I’ll never forget Simi though. This babe was an all-round winner. I had met her at my boy’s housewarming party, and we made plans to go do shisha the next week. Men, we hung out and she was a laugh. Beautiful babe men, dimples, everything. Just hot. Mo like e gan. After our first date, we came back to my place so that she could pick up her car and drive home. I now invited her in for a coffee . We’re sitting on the couch, and next thing I know, she’s like “Where’s your bathroom please?” I show it to her and I notice say the babe rush one kin’ to enter. She was in there very briefly but omo when she came out eh?

Chineke God of Africa! The pong! Whaaaaaa?

I wanted to ask the babe what the hell kinda block she had deposited in my bathroom in such a short period. But I no talk anything sha, I just maintained like there was nothing now. I remember the girl going back and forth between my couch and the bathroom a couple of times and at the time I guessed she was fixing up her make-up or some kinda girly stuff, you know? But the girl dey sweat. I asked her “Are you okay?” She said she was fine. Why this babe dey look flustered like this now? Anyhow sha, after a couple cappuccinos, the babe went home.

My people, after the girl left, I went into the bathroom. I no know wetin me sef I dey find o. The place was still stinking, but no yawah now, it’s normal to take a dump, no? I opened the window and then pulled up the toilet seat.


This babe still had one little floater hanging around in there ni sha. Ah ah! Men, if you see the way I flew out of that toilet eh? Damn! Morrafuckin’ babe! And if you saw her on the street, you'd think she was one of those calendar models wey no dey mess.

Hmmmph! Meeeen, I couldn’t bring myself to call that chick again men. The babe sef didn’t call me back. I actually might still have called her, but her behaviour and reaction to her own block just put me off men. She for just tell awon boys say her belle dey worry am now, no problem. When I called her for the last time that night to make sure that she had gotten home safe, the girl was even trying to be a little cold on the phone. Na wa o. What the hell kind of scoin-scoin is that? After you don blast-scatter my toilet?

Funny enough, I saw the babe at some sushi bar a while after that. I was with a couple of my colleagues, and she was with her girlfriends. She even tried to pose o. I just gave her a wink from my table like, “Hmm, master blaster. How far?”

Men, my boys say sometimes I’m a little too resistant to scoin-scoin. It’s not that men. If I can’t stand your scoin-scoin, it just means I’m not feeling you like that. Like I know some people whose babes fart in front of them. CHILL! I haven’t graduated to that level yet men, but I’m sure I will with time. Chei! I doubt it though. If my babe even thinks about messing in bed, I tell her oya oya go outside the room and go and do it. Abeg!

Ladies don’t get it twisted o. I’m not saying it’s only girls that have scoin-scoin o. I know we guys have our own too. Even more than women I’m sure. There are small things that irritate me men, like the way a person eats, and sometimes I look at some dudes, and think “This guy’s babe is trying o!” The scoin-scoin that women tolerate!

Case in point: My boy Akinzo. Gaaaaaaadem! If you see Akinzo eating eh, it’s one of the most disgusting things you’ll ever witness men. I remember when we first moved in together, I used to ask the guy, “This dude, na fight? Why you dey attack the food like that now?” My guy would have oil dribbling out the corners of his mouth and everything, and wouldn’t bother wiping it off until he had finished his meal.

Well, no problem now. I’m thinking Akinzo only eats like this at home. Omo, not so o. You see, Akinzo and I worked for the same company for like six months. We’d go out to lunch with colleagues from work sometimes, and my guy would crack the bones off the buffalo wings like there was no tomorrow. Omo, sucking and everything. Oyinbo go just dey look am. Imagine. I’d even be giving the guy eye sometimes like, “E don do now. The chicken don finish.” The guy would just blank me.

And Akinzo always used to buy Nige food from this lady who drove around selling take-away packs from the back of her van. I never could buy that stuff men, you know how sometimes Nigerian food abroad is some second-class take on real Nigerian grub? That’s how this woman’s food was. She’d have rice with a lot of stew just poured untidily over it. It certainly wasn’t the type of thing you’d wanna eat in public.

So that’s how one day my guy ordered food from the lady o. In my head I’m thinking, “Awwww, hell no! This dude is not gonna eat this ish at work.”
Akinzo ran downstairs and came back upstairs with his box of food. He laid it out on the table and started eating. Needless to say now, the whole place reeked of stew. Oyinbo colleagues now started walking past, looking at Akinzo’s meal, then using style to give each other those their amebo glances like "Mr. black man don come again!"

My boy didn’t even send, he was just quaffing away. At some point, Mr. Davies, my boss looked in at Akinzo, who was battling a big chunk of cowleg.

Oga- Akinz!


Oga (looking terrified)-What the hell is that???

Akinzo (grinning with oil all over his lips)-It’s cowleg.


Akinzo- Cowleg! It’s very good.

You should have seen the look on my boss’ face. He just rushed past me in the corridor. I was so embarrassed. This Akinzo sef. She na for office you go come dey chop cowleg?

Akinzo left for Nige not long after that, and I remember going for lunch with Mr.Davies and one other oga. Mr. Davies says,

“Scott, Akinz has moved back to his homeland Nigeria. I kid you not, one day I saw that kid gnawing on a cow’s hoof in the office at lunch time. It was the most disgusting thing I’d ever seen. I thought I was gonna puke. That African kid- I tell you, he exhibited some real cannibalistic traits. You ever see that boy eat chicken wings? He would devour it right down to the bone, sucking in the marrow and everything! That kid would only leave shrapnel on his plate by the time he was done!”

The other oga looked terrified.

Omo, I wanted to cover my head in shame. Bloody hell mate.

Damn, how did I end up talking about Akinzo’s eating habits? Men I don digress as usual. But my point is, the guy had a babe and she loved him with all his dietary scoin-scoins. So love your woman/man guys, scoin-scoin and all, it’s a beautiful thing!

Shout out to my homegirl Vickii whose sister Kitty just got married! Happy married life y'all!

Oh and thanks guys for all the comments and e-mails!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Soon Come...

Peeps, I'm almost done with my last essay. Soon as I hand this thing in, I'll be back. Relax now, I have some sweet gist for you guys.....soon come.