Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's been real.

Wow, I've been gone for like 5 months. RIDICULOUS!! My people, I'm sorry that I've been so bad, but I'm so so busy at the moment. There's a whole lot going on with me at the moment, and I wish I could blog as much as I used to but it's just been almost impossible.

I can't believe I wrote my first blog over a year ago. You guys have shown me so much love through your comments, emails and facebook messages. I appreciate it man. I've also made a few good friends here, and to be honest, blogging has opened some doors of its own. I even had my favourite author in the world email me saying she loved my blog! Crazy.

Anyways, I'd just like to say thanks for the love, I love you guys. Like all good things, this blogging thing must come to an end, and I guess the time is now. It's unfair for me to just write sporadically whenever I feel like it. Look out for that book though!

Take care y'all, it's so HARD to say goodbye. I'm sorry I've kept you in limbo for so long. Now I have to get back to interviewing Festus. If he passes he'll become my new houseboy.


'Mr Fineboy.