Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's been real.

Wow, I've been gone for like 5 months. RIDICULOUS!! My people, I'm sorry that I've been so bad, but I'm so so busy at the moment. There's a whole lot going on with me at the moment, and I wish I could blog as much as I used to but it's just been almost impossible.

I can't believe I wrote my first blog over a year ago. You guys have shown me so much love through your comments, emails and facebook messages. I appreciate it man. I've also made a few good friends here, and to be honest, blogging has opened some doors of its own. I even had my favourite author in the world email me saying she loved my blog! Crazy.

Anyways, I'd just like to say thanks for the love, I love you guys. Like all good things, this blogging thing must come to an end, and I guess the time is now. It's unfair for me to just write sporadically whenever I feel like it. Look out for that book though!

Take care y'all, it's so HARD to say goodbye. I'm sorry I've kept you in limbo for so long. Now I have to get back to interviewing Festus. If he passes he'll become my new houseboy.


'Mr Fineboy.


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Bhookey said...

yayyyyyyyyyyy im first, ill like to thank m mommy for buying me this laptop and m daddy for erm being my daddy, yayyyy, okay lemme go read b4 the vultures invade this place lol

Bhookey said...

awwww tear tear, its so hard to say goodbyeeeeeeeee lol....oh wells off to bigger and better things wishes.....muahhhh

Atutupoyoyo said...

Shame to see you go but do try and honour your promise of putting some stories into published form. Your humour will be well missed.

Sugabelly said...

You can't leave now, i only just discovered you!

Anonymous said...

This na heavy fuckup! How will we know when your book comes out and that it is "Mr Fineboy's" book?

Anonymous said...

My Fineboy....why now why why why. But truly it's been real, by the way where are you now? I guess I wont get a response since you've said your goodbye.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nooo oga! How far? How go do us like do us lyk dis? I ave been waitin 4 u to update 4 long infact e don tey.. :'( ill b on d luk 4 d book.

theicequeen said...

*jumps up and down in mad excitement* you finally post again!

now, whats this leg-pulling about you goodbye-ing? let it just be that youre tryin to do april fools early..cuz you better be joking oh! this kind of string decision? mehn, even if its once a year, post, but do not, repeat do NOT resolve never to post again..e no funny at all oh!

tew many people like what you selfish meanie :P jokin sha, but if its goodbye, well, its been fun then...

Ms. Catwalq said...

Can u just imagine?

If I did not loveyou so much, I would have hated you right now...but I understand

Good luck and Godpseed

Calabar Gal said...

As usual, you are your hilarious self. I hope 'Festus' passed the interview. LOL!! Why do u need 'Festus' sef? U made do without him all your years in the diaspora now? Surely you can continue without him? LOL!!

Happy Anniversary. I guess you are bowing out while the ovation is loudest?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

This guy your maaddd!!! How can you do this to us?!?!?!? hissssssssssssssssssssssss

D said...

Please Fineboy, you have to tell us your real name so we know when your book is out.

Olu said...

How can you leave!

darkelcee said...

fineboy, no comot now?

ok wish you well dear!

flabby said...

i dont even know what to say!

Anonymous said...


cool muthafucka said...

Mehn, you wicked sha! Your fans will go mad.
anyways all the best son!

OluwaDee said...

4 real, awwwwwwwwwwww.
Take car n write that book.

Anonymous said...

Just saving my spot before i finish reading iand find i'm no 107!!!

TinTin said...


Anonymous said...

U know u are wrong for this...I am sooooo going to miss your achingly funny posts....good luck...xx

Nwanyi Ocha said...

lolololollolollolLOL @ Festus


Fineboy why???? why?? ohhhhhh why?
where's my daliy tonic going to come from?

will misss your space terriblyyyyy.....

Goodluck ma dear! xxx

littleangel4christ said...

All d best
Wuld be on d look-out 4 d book
U'll be

Anonymous said...

Noooo! The only blog that has made me laugh on a kentro level!

Why must all good things come to an end...*sigh*

Wish you all the best & make sure you publish that book o.

#1 fan said...

*tears* i understand sha... im just grateful to have found your blog. how do i find u on facebook.

Anonymous said...

will miss you. u r so freakin hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

dis is the worst thing you can ever do, i know u re crazy busy and all now dat u re back but u cant do this, i ve got a whole load of people reading your blog in my office and u want 2 back out now, its so unfair. U ve made me laugh and almost get a query, well good luck in your book and do find time 2 do ds pls, we ll miss u n all em akinzo s gist.

Anonymous said...

to say that im sad is an understatement o. See what you are doing to us ehn. Takecare dear, i will miss you badly

Ms. Ken said...

awwwwwwwwww(u can add one more 'w' if u like)dis is so sad(*sniff,sniff*),no lawl.well wishin u the best life has for you,trust u not to let it pass u by.n pls dont take down the previous posts,at least until some ppl have saved dem 4 future laughs.take care.

Charizard said...

eeeeeya...farewell c u someday soon dude!


Anonymous said...

awww.....I cried...
I'll definately miss u
I wish U all d best in life
God Bless

uNWrItten* said...

no no no!! its cant be!!! suck!!!

awww..its ok..its been great reading ur blog and invading ur facebook hope everything works out and i want a copy of the book asap!!!!..take care hunny !!


eh, its a lie!
no more fineboy?
no, I don't believe it!
The blog celebrity is walking away from this? from us?

oh try sha.

Thanks for the incredible laughs

Anonymous said...

Bobo yi, you are just a mescafunker!
After 5 months? You couldnt even give us one last 'post' post?
You are just the king of mescafunkers! I am hurt..infact,I am very hurt

theicequeen said...

in fact, im back to hissss

and you have the insensitivity, the guts, the liver to end that post with a winking smiley?! sureley thats the height of meanness? there is nothing wink worthy about it!! lolz..

just read one comment and rememberd sumin.they want your name? my own is that you berra put up your, curiousty killed the cat oh, but satisfaction brought him back..i wanna compare face and name!

BrownSugar said...

I just found this blog while on another, and took a day off to read every post. Tuned in today to read a farewell message ...

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Where am I going to get real laugh out loud belly hurting laughter from?!Your blog was the first blog I ever read, and the reason I started blogging. Blogsville will not be the same without you!Tear!
Before u leave, cant u do just one more post?!!!

Oh well...I will most definately buy your book.

NigerianDramaQueen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NigerianDramaQueen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NigerianDramaQueen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NigerianDramaQueen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NigerianDramaQueen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NigerianDramaQueen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NigerianDramaQueen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NigerianDramaQueen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bumight said...

Every good thing must come to an end...not! will be looking out for that book!

TaureanMinx said...

Glad I met you :)! I know how hectic nigeria can be so take it easy. Later!

Mommy said...

WHere you think you going? You know how many hearts you've made happy here? DOn't even think about leaving us.

AnyaPosh said...

Do you think you can come into my life & just leave me like this? How dare you?! dear, it's been fun while it lasted but as nigerian-drama-queen said on her blog "Do the right thang"!!!!

~Mimi~ said...

so you finally backed out.....


lol... ;) greater things to come!

NigerianDramaQueen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

In the words of anonymous 15.15, 20 May...U are a mescafunker! lawl lawl lawl

Nogo said...

Nooooooooo! I just started blogging this year and even more recently discovered your blog and LOVE it! You can't go now!!! Good luck with your future endeavors. xoxo

aloted said... so e be? ok o

all the best!

Mz. Dee said...

Come back!!!!!!!!!
i take god, my dog, my phone, my laptop EVEN MY WIFEY beg u!!
Come back!!!

Mr.Fineboy said...

Dang y'all. Thanks!! Ur making it even harder!!! Hit me up on facebook- Naija Fineboy.

Ifeoma-adiagwuagwu said...

Mr.Fineboy, what's the name of the book. Na wah for u o. Anyway... sha, facebook - so be it.

Ur Main Man Jude said...

omo, person don hit facebook & dem no come see ur picture. dude wetin come happen now. abi u no wan see guys or abi na ur own levels. abeg put picture make we see. and wetin be de name of dat book sef.

Anonymous said...

the devil is a liar!ah no I will not accept, iro ni! You can't abandon me like this....o ya post your address o...ati phone # I'm moving back to Naija to find you. For now I go try and find you for facebook.

Fresh said...

Nice one.....i went through it all. mehn, correct laff!

FDK said...

Ok..this is not fair at all. First I lost my boyfriend because of "long distance". You are leaving me too because you moved to naija......Long distance I hate thee.
Anyway...good luck to you and your future endeavors.

Chika said...


The Explorer said...

LOL. Dude you are good man. I love it. Whether you're really signing out for good or not... you win!

If you go when the going is good. Gr8. If its like Jay Z did and you make a return... hey "what kin ah say am sorry, I'm back!"

Much love man and make sure you stamp a great big "Fineboy" on the book.

Anonymous said...

D one wey everybody dey wish u best of luck, this dat, na lie! no be me, God go pursue u come back here,

How u go addict ppl w/ur blog den just leave dem high and dry like that?

Oh!boy dis one better be joke, ahn!ahn! see as everybody just dey beg u

Tininu said...

i hope festus passes, or you could just employ a very hot house girl or coprate maid as they like to be refered to these days...

you were the reason most people started to blog and it is a shame you have to go...

Tininu said...

please what is gonna be the title of the book?

Toluwa Lase said...

tew bad! i just found ur blog and luvd it as soon as i read the first post only to come back to a bye message....*tear tear*...

hope u change ur mind and return to blogsville!

Anonymous said...

Haba mr fine boy.. im just hearin about yu nd yuv stopedd writing alredy atleast tel us the name of this yur book so we can cop it wen it comes out.. nuce work on the blog thingy though.. safe

134ElitZ Magazine said...

aww...really? ur leaving...thats too bad..i was looking 4ward to the next post already :(

well, i wish you all the best..'ll be lookin out for your book still so u better get around that! nd by

zara said...

took u five months to break our hearts.. thankx for being so considerate.. i bet u dodnt know how to go about it..(dont mind me am just hurting)

zara said...

hehe.. i know ur real name and wat u look like.. saw u on rubbing minds and it was by chance.. i wasnt even supposed to be in naija then.. my mum cudnt unsderstand why i was so excited to be watching the program.. she kept asking if i was ok.. saw laide too and gbenga sesan or so.. if i have his name rite.. hehe.. am hugging ur identity to my chest.. hehe.. oya tell us the name of ur book.. so we can buy and make u another chimamanda.. and if its not as funny as ur blog.. we want money back guarantee!

Anonymous said...

Sob, Sob...Bye bye fineboy

Mo-Fuze said...

Mr. Fineboy ... This 'retirement' is only temporary right? You'll be back.

Pull off a mega-comeback like Jordan ...
or Jay-Z

Unbiased said...

You are just a razz boy. I am calling you to discuss this o!!

Funms said...

i waited so long for an update and all i see is goodbye??????? thats totally unfair!!!!

Anonymous said...

i still come here everyday hoping for a miracle! pls come bk now. pls

Afrobabe said...

Sad to see you were a great read...

If I had read your posts before blogging then I never would have written anything...

Fear for no gree me...

zee said...

this is wack. so unfair, ridiculous. pls come back Mr Fineboy. we'll take your sporadic postings

demide said...

GOODBYE.....all d best!

Mr.Fineboy said...

Thanks guys. I love u back! I'll let you know about the book before it comes out! I appreciate the love y'all.

Today's ranting said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww byeeeee.This aint fair fine dude.

wellsbaba said...

awhhhh,y now,i've heard sooo much bout u n dis ma first time on ur blog only to meet d announcement of ur exit from blogging!...wish u goodluck in life thou....

uNWrItten* said... much do u pay these people tat know u and wount tell anyone lol..its not fair..u can look at my pics on facebook cuz we are friends but you wont tell me who u so

Naija finegirl said...

hello dear thanks for stopping by my blog although u were such a big pant posting that hope u stop by more often...xoxo

Bella Naija said...

awwwww... :(

Anonymous said...

This post is to Zara... i just have one question for you...
His he mad cute?lol as in his he fine fine fine or just fine...or is he emmmm...."wowo" (Ugly)

Mimi said...

Mr Fine boy abba!!!! I have just recommended someone at work just yesterday to read you BLOG! and you bow out. You better send me my advertising fee or else.

gbengasile said...

Hey Mr Fineboy, i'mactuallynew on bloggerandijusttot i'd give you ashout.Hurts though to know you're leaavingtheblogsville.Whateva though, it was nicechecking out your blog.Hope tocheck againcosibelieve somehow you'llbe back.Godspeed.

Oluwayemisi Bello said...

Mr Fineboy,na wa o!U kept us in suspence,thiz even pass suspence.anyways,welcome back and i wish I cud get u on FB,think u're very talented(thru ur blog),realli proud of u.keep it real,cheers!

Anonymous said...

DOn't go!!! surely u have five minutes to spare and write on the blog!! please!!! i miss you already!!

Anonymous said...

ooooooo gawd, i'm angry! you can't go! thats unfair! why is life so unfair sometimes? first you starve us for ages and we accept it, then you decide to deny us completely. no o, u r not going anywhere!

vindication through innocence said...

Oh my have actually left!!! wow!! You should do a one off blog though...for old time sake bros...

Anyhow I am sure you are doing exceptionally well- when the book comes out, would it be a bit much if i asked you to mention me in your book? well seeing as i asked first, i suppose it is a possibility right?lol

Anonymous said...

my brother no just too kill urself with work for nige, just go find column for thisday. nna ehn some of ur stories nawa.

Anonymous said...

nice blog. support a brother @

chie said...

much love and bye...tears..tears

brownsugar said...

still stalking ... and sulking!

Anonymous said...

So I go on your fbk..and see u updated your website.. I was thinking I would fine new gist here..Oh well!!! WE MISS U COME BACK!!!

thechiaman said...

brov, ur living blogsville? all the best in ur new pursuits.

BrownSugar said...

Mr. fine boi!!!! Saw your blog posts in a Naija magazine. Cooool! Miss you small.

steve said...

you little fooooooooool

Toun said...

Thanks for the laughs.

SPEECHgirl Bucknor said...

why have so many comments been deleted by author?

Anonymous said...

i hate u mr fineboy!!! u left us like ojukwu left Biafra!!!!!

...toyintomato said...

miss you , please come back!!!, maybe 1 post a month, we are not asking for too much

W. said...

Please come back. Will one post a month take away so much from your life? I don't think you understand how many people love reading your blog. Come back! :(

Anonymous said...

come back...pleasseeeee


Heya! This is my first time on your fantastic blog. I will be back. Stay fabulous. It keeps 'em guessing. Ciao.

ha00050 said...

please come back.....

im in love with you and withdrawal symptoms are keeping me up at night

thinkaholic said...

aw man! damn shame...jus wen i discover ur funny ass, u up n leave!
pls try posting d occasional story once in a while..we wont mind that uv taken so long..promise!! said...

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Anonymous said...

well fresh blog, but u need 2 add a lil more flavour, AKA images and change ur template, dont worry just ask me and i'll help u wiv dat, interesting blog doe, check out mine as well>

Anonymous said...

Guess who may be coming back??!!! I HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE!!!!


sub-conscious said...

The Naija Times thing is gangsta!!! laffed till people tot i was going insane. luv it. (totali/almost sure it you)abi??? its nice reading from u else where sha.

HelenBoggs said...

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stargo said...


Anonymous said...

i cant believe u really stopped blogging. so painful :'(. i still check often, just in case...

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ScorpiT said...

so sad that you have stopped blogging, you really inspired me alot. MrFineboy yeah nija can be tough, energy and blood consuming, you need to find time to chill and blog at least once in a while. pwetty pwease....


read blog and post comments please

Anonymous said...

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Have your eyebrows appropriately waxed or cut. Eyebrows are frequently neglected, nevertheless they can design the facial area like hardly anything else. Look over mags and discover eyebrow designs that you think will go well with you, and provide these to a specialist hence they know of the you're looking for. You'll find that your eye brows appear neater along with your face looks more impressive. [url=]Nike Free Run Womens[/url]
Tend not to care for your own personal organization when you are at your workplace. Just use your crack time except if it is really an definite requirement. Even when your employer is lax for this principle you should not apply it. You will get quite a lot of respect by displaying that you can to handle your life appropriately. [url=]Jeremy Scott Adidas[/url]
If you work with a hydrogen peroxide therapy to keep up your wonderful laugh, then you have to be sure you do not over get it done. These remedies needs to be employed after every 6 to 8 several weeks. Any longer than this will affect your gum line and your pearly whites. [url=]Nike Vintage[/url]
Select some waxed floss should you be possessing a tough time with flossing. This kind of floss is easier to hold. You could also get a floss-holder to assist you thoroughly clean your pearly whites successfully or replace floss using a dentistry choose to completely clean in between your pearly whites. You can expect to still have to use floss to take out the plaque through your tooth. Get out there and get new friends to mingle with. There may be nothing at all like generating new close friends because it increases your power, gives you a great feeling within, and might swiftly minimize individuals sensations which come with growing older. You can also produce new actions together that you just haven't carried out well before. [url=]Ralph Lauren Australia[/url]

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