Sunday, June 10, 2007

60 Questions

Thought I'd leave you guys this 60 questions thingy, since I won't be back until after exams. Stole it from Calabar Girl....thanx!

1.What time did you get up this morning?
8.00 am. Hit the library to study for two exams.

2. Diamonds or pearls?
Diamonds, I guess. Whatever she likes. Honestly, give me a leather strapped Breitling and I'm good to go!

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
Fracture. Pretty tight. Hopkins IS the man.

4. What is your favorite TV show?
I don't watch TV anymore, but Martin is my favourite show of all time. Whaaat? Shenene... Jerome? Men, I have the entire series on dvd.

5. What did you have for breakfast?
A slice of toast and two eggs..sunny side up, over-medium.

6. What is your middle name?
Sweetboy. Named after my Pop-pop. I need to blog about him sometime.

7. What is your favorite cuisine/meal?
I almost said Thai, but I gots to go with Nigerian. My aunty B's Jollof rice and stewed beef is crazy! The rice will now be reddd! Chei. I'm hungry.

8. What foods do you dislike?
Oats. Yuck. In fact, anything with bits in it, like Mullerice yoghurt. Eugh!

9. Your favorite Potato chip?
Don't have one. Cheetos aren't bad though.

10. What is your favorite CD at the moment?
Tough one. Erm, Ne-Yo's new album or T-Pain's. R.Kelly's new joint is hot too.

11. What kind of car do you drive?
Don't drive in London, but my last car was a 2005 Mazda 6s. Sweet car- tiptronic gearbox, heated leather seats, all that good stuff.

12. Favorite sandwich?
Turkey and cheddar cheese. Oh, the club sandwich at Londoner's in Nige is good o. Kai!

13. What characteristics do you despise?
Hateration. Damn, I can't stand people who'd rather have bad belle than big a person up. Loser mentality man.

14. Favorite item of clothing?
That's tough. My ripped American Eagle jeans from like two years ago. They're hella comfy and sit well on chuck taylors. My mum says I should throw them away though. "They look old!" she says.

15. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?
Cabo, Mexico. Again.

16. What color is your bathroom?
Errrm..... I'd say green, but I'm sure Finebabe wouldn't call it that. It's one of those weird 'new' colours that only women know the names of. Looks light green to me.

17. Favorite brand of clothing?
Louis Vuitton loafers are the most comfortable shoes in the world. Tod's make amazing drivers as well. This is too hard. Chuck Taylor's by Converse are just the classic sneaker. Can't choose. Sorry.

18. Where would you want to retire?
Lagos. No ifs, no buts, no maybes.

19. Favorite time of day?
Noon. Gym time.

20. Where were you born?
West London.

21. Favorite sport(s) to watch?
Football, American Football and Boxing. I stay up until 5am whenever Floyd Mayweather or Jermaine Taylor's fighting.

22. Who do you least expect to respond to this?
Errm, my mama??

23. Person you expect to respond first?
Teekay probably.

24. What laundry scent do you use?
LOL. Are you serious? idea.

25. Coke or Pepsi?
Neither. I quit drinking soda in 2005.

26. Are you a morning person or night owl?
Night owl baby.

27. What size shoe do you wear?
10 1/2

28. Do you have pets?
Not in England. Does my godson Scratchy count?

29. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share with everyone?
It's my birthday on June 21, two days after my exams are done!

30. What did you want to be when you were little?
An actor. My dad thought I was crazy.

31. Favorite Candy Bar?

32. What is your best childhood memory?
Eating hot dogs at Battersea park circus with my older bro and my mum. Fun times.

33. What are the different jobs you have had in your life?
Err...not that many actually. Intern, student newspaper columnist, of course Officer Fineboy, and project manager.

34. What color/type underwear are you wearing?
Err...have to look. Okay, black Hanes with the grey waistband. Thanks for asking!

Mbobo. my oldest bro calls me that to this day 'cos I loved the bushman character in "King Solomon's mines" when I was a 3yr. old. How embarassing.

36. Piercings?
Got my left ear pierced twice. The hole closed up again a couple of years ago. No more though. Time to get my grown man on.

37. Eye color?

38a) Ever been to Africa?
You berra believe it. Gidi till I die.

38b) Ever been to South Australia?

39. Ever been toilet papering or rolling?
I was a Naija kid men. Wetin consign malu with one-way?

40. Love someone so much it made you cry?
Pretty damn close.

41. Been in a car accident?
Yeah, no big ones though.

42. Croutons or bacon bits?
Neither. Lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and ranch.

43.Favorite day of the week?

44. Favorite restaurant?
Mango Tree at Victoria. Great Thai food.

45. Favorite flower?

46. Favorite ice cream?
Chocolate Chip cookie dough. The smarties joint is sweet too o.

47. How many times did you fail your driver's test?
None. A whole Lagos driver?

48. What color is your bedroom carpet?

49. How many times did you fail your driver's test?
None now. I told you.

50. Before this one, from whom did you get your last email?
Chief Fineboy. He wished me luck.

51. Which stores would you choose to max out your credit card?
Bang & Olufsen.

52. What do you do most often when you are bored?
Write or call my shorty to harass her.

53. Bedtime?
This is actually terrible. 2am nowadays, for no apparent reason. I need to sort myself out.

54. Who are you most curious about their responses to this questionnaire?
Nelson Mandela. Not like he would do it.

55. Last person you went to dinner with?
A couple of my Canadian friends. Fire and Stone at Covent garden.

56. What are you listening to right now?
Ne-yo. He's telling her "We gotta make it work..."

57. What is your favorite color?
Depends. My women black though, for sure.

58. Lake, Ocean or river?
Ocean. Remember those rivers in the village? They were scary o.

59. How many tattoos do you have?
None. Yet. thinking about getting my grandfathers' portraits on my left upper arm, but everyone's saying i shouldn't.

60. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
The Chicken. Eledumare created the chicken and gave it to Oduduwa innit?


psykotikdiva said...

goodluck in your exams boy, the way u study you'll probably ace it.i'm hoping i'm first but with this moderation thing i have no idea, nyways i'm the new kid on the blog(new blogger), hola.

~Mimi~ said...

LMAO @ eledumare created the chicken and gave it to Oduduwa..half true.


Anonymous said...

Jack Bloggs here (cant be bothered to sing in). Give us something original men wetin dey do you? lol. Whats really good homs.

zaiprincesa said...

ee ya..still batlling exams..Meyn, so not looking to the start of grad skool in the fall.

Anywho, as per ur 60 answers...some funny, some witty, some just plain naija....
I luuurve me some thai food though...thnx for shouting out mango tree..i was worried about what ima do about getting decent thai food in that ilu obodo..:)...
B & O is my fav. elec. store as well..a bit pricey..but so worth my razz uncles is always bragging about his stereo set from "Gbenga and Olufeson"
and im a tods fav. pair of drivers, i don rock em die..chei...

Good luck wif the rest of ur papers, mister...

TaureanMinx said...

Goodluck fineboy! er is your brother single LAWL. Vote for Tminx the rapper(ette)

jadedjune said...

You sexy so-n-so, so ur gemini as well??? interesting.........size 10 1/2 feet???? u know what they say about guys with small feet ;-)
chei, you just dissappoint me with this info..... ;-)

Oh, and new Ne-yo album is da bomb. I like "Do you"......

Jack Slater a.k.a the Hard Guy said...

Omo you're not serious o. You just had to let us know that your shoes were Louis Vitton. You just had to drop it in there abi? Your mates are shopping at Bata and you're giving them Louis mnn?

Anonymous said...'s really so cute the way u hold up finegal o...always talkn about her and stuff, yet not in an annoynly stucky dat.

Now, can u plssssssss tell us how y'all met already?!...d next time i'll ask u, i'll not only harrass u thru e-mail, but that "raunchy female stalker' will have norrin on me!lol

catwalq said...

please tell me that u don't have moderation and I am in the top ten
*extreme hope*


Finebuy, club snadwich at londoners is great ke??? i think not o, the one and only time i ate there i had food poisoning!!!! i no dey chop there o!!! u should try the club sandwich at cactus, now thats d bomb. and since im on d subject of food try thier mixed grill noodles @ la cachette (old new yorkers) really nice.

ps: good luck with ur exams o!! we r expecting a distinction u hear!!

LondonBuki said...

You're funny!

Good luck with your exams!

And I'll try out the restaurants you mentioned.

teekay said...

what are u doing bloging, oya carry ur head and go and study now b4 i tell ur mommy.

ExcitedJade said...

wow, so u sef be june... no wonder all the june kids in blogville...
am june 20th,

infact, we too much.

AbujaBabe said...

Loving your 60 Questions, what an insight..
Good luck on your exams oh!.. I remember those days :)

Meanwhile Vote Abuja Babe! for your Blogville Idol!!

Miss T said...

ur blogs crack me luck with ur exams...ur a June kid too, my bday's 2 days after urs!
Miss T..x

vindication through innocence said...

ur not serious!!Lagos driver.Have to agree with you on the Tods move!!im loafers queen!!started with some timberland ones like this when i was 15 while peeps were still luggin round the 6" wheat boots- those were too heavy for my pwecious feet!!When popsi one summer i told him to close his eyes and buy me some Tods and my life hasnt been the same since!-ive had 2 pairs since then.
good luck with the exams!!

Anonymous said...

ure just a razz boy @ the answer to the last question, LV ehn, bigger boissss....anyhooos goodluck on this exams dat dont want to end o ...anyhooos hope ure good! im followin suit with these questions btw

Anonymous said...

LOL! That eledumare bit is hella funny. And the favorite color, I had to read it a second time to get it. I think I might just do this 60 question thingy.

Good Luck in ur exams, nice blog.

classybabe said...

I wish i could quit drinking soda myself.
Good luck with your exams

fola said...

DUDE U ARE PURE JOKES!!!!!!!.. EVEN MY DAD keeps saying u should get published!!.. really daily tonic and the thing that lets me know that am not the only person going through this struggle called life, difference with an optimistic perspective!.. lol.. still laughing my head off..
keep it coming o!.. and someone said nothing in this life is for free?? chit men! they havent discovered this blog! .. aha!
ps:good luck in ur exams!

My 2 cents said...

I am definitely stealing this 60 question thingy form your blog just so you know.
Yeah I also have a hook up at Bang and Olufsen for when you want to max your credit card, Holla@ a sista when you are ready. You also owe me a paycheck for when you start making rain. Thanx for stopping by..

bibi said...

lol..funny answers!!!

pls put up a voice thingy also..would want to know if uve got vocal humor also..

monie said...

Dude, I'd like to say nice things like all these other people but HURRY UP AND POST ALREADY DAGNABBIT!!! lol. I'm kidding. No I'm not... *sigh*.. I am.. kinda.

I'm waiting for your post dude. I check EVERYDAY. I still say the words "If I slap this razz babe" to myself at the most random times... And I crack up... Each and every time... lol. (I'm cracking up now).

PS: The chicken bit was cute... :-). Seriously though, your blog is awesome... :-) NOW HURRY UP, FINISH YOUR EXAMS AND POST!!! (Oh.. good luck, by the way).

BlogVille Idols said...


Anu boy said...

Nice one fine boy...

dolly said...

Nice one

DiAmOnD hawk said...

ooooohhh... chocolate chip cookie dough... by absolute favorite.. by Ben & Jerry

Anonymous said...

Am soooooo loving tis blog.. wow fynboy u are totally hilarious!!! its unfortunate ure taken n worse.. u seem to talk bout her ALL DA TYME!!! Typical lagos boy u had to drop d bit bout ur L.V's. My take: u got it, flaunt it... tis my first visit to ur blog in d words of Arnold.... "i'll be back"


Anonymous said...

Oh.. yeah and Goodluck with your exams too

Mari said...

Goodluck with ure exams!

Nigeria Politricks said...

Wetin consign malu with one-way?...I wonder my brotha'. LOL. Goodluck with your exam o!

Anonymous said...

My blog honey, thank you for your vote, I will cook some tasty draw...gooey soup for you. LAWL LAWL.

My sweetie, my darling, in fact, tell me which 9ja song you want me to sing on Friday and I will do it for you [I also do no know many 9ja songs].


Mr.Fineboy said...

Thanx everyone.
Ide, for some reason i can't leave comments on ur blog! But about the! Don't know enough o, all the ones i do are club type songs. I'm sure you'll find something. Good luck hun!

...toyintomato said...

totally agree with you, on fav ice cream: Chocolate Chip cookie dough, this is of course the shit.this always makes up for my strict diet of no soda and sugar.
all the best in your finals, am pretty sure you will ace it.

boorish male said...

The very best of luck in your exams, mate.

jadedjune said...

bia this boy, exam neva finish?

Waffarian said...

Dear friends, please do not forget to send in your submissions, a lot of people have sent in great stuff but a lot of my favourite bloggers are missing, what's up, people? Come on, send in your stuff! June 15th is the last day, come on!

Submissions should be sent to not later than Friday, June the 15th 2007 stating date of blogging and blogname/address.

Simply Gorgeous said...

Fineboy your on the 21st mine is on the 22nd. Isn't that grand?

2ndCorin5:17 said...


nadine said...

Dude...u r so funny!!!

Idemili said...

Sweetie, why could you not leave comments? I didn't do anything to you o! Hope this is not what will happen when we try for a kid?

Anyway, thank you for leaving a comment now. And for the compliment. Oya, what do you want with your gooey soup?

What is your favourite soup anyway?

nadine said...


I LOVE P SQUARE(op master)

Mr.fineboy pls no kill me o(LMAO)

i'm just spreading d love around(lol)

asombody said...

Mr Jack Bloggs oga fun yi o! wats not orginal about this post ehn?? see ya eye.. like owl.. eeeeshh

Anonymous said...

nadine you be razz babe,which one be say u just they spread news around.o girl u funny o.

Anonymous said...

FINEBOY shey on je puff puff gbona ni nigba ti on record voice thingy yen?

why u dey talk like say u get hot 5 5 buks puff puff for ya mouth na..abeg me i no hear all dat one you dey speak oh..


BlogVille Idols said...

eeh oh!u too don put voice comment up now!u bera visit our page cos na we + monie start dis voice comment.

adumaadan - Blacktinkerbell said...

hey you...

answer to question 60; classic!

Anonymous said...

hahahahhahahah se u trynna sound sexy ehn lol

Idemili said...

Hey, my blog honey's voice is 'segzy' o!

im a babe said...

ok funny stuff!
but y does it say my name on d voice comment thingy.
that's def not my voice(lol)

Anonymous said...

I think some people were having a small lapse into "identity crisis" on your voice box so THANK YOU for taking the damn thing out! It was beginning to sound annoying. Funny thing is the two "separate" identities sounded VERY MUCH alike. but... i am sure we didn't notice that. 8-|

diary of a G said...

I don't watch TV too
makes me sleepy

Jaja said...

Louis vuitton abi?

You vain thing!

where are my other comments anyway?

Calabar Gal said...

LOL at No 24. Who does your laundry huh? LOL!!

wienna said...

bobo to fine, when r u updating now? We know say exam dey but try to give us gists na.

LondonBuki said...

Your exams are almost over! I am sure you did well.

Just in case I forget... HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE!!!


Bluntremi said...

Good Luck with your exams.

BlogVille Idols said...

hey pple our contestants have sang their r n b song pls go and vote for ur favorite...pls help us make this contest succesful by voting..tanx

exschoolnerd said...

Happy baiday sweets...wish u all the best...God's favour,guidance and continual blessing.
Hope ur exams went well...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday in advance my birthday mate. I think you mentioned somewhere that your birthday is on the 21st, mine is too. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Music Child said...

soo ur the reason evry1 is going LAWL!

o.šeyï said...

update! update!

ExcitedJade said...

happy birthday to u, fine boy
i wish u success in all u do in life

Chameleon said...

they are harassing me for your picture oh!
are you celebrating?
send me an IM...

The Last King Of Scotland said...

goodluck in ur exams
VOTE for TLK son. u know u have

Anonymous said...

Nice post!

femme said...

motor will not jam you true true(lol)
in my villa, they greet by saying
it means dont die o(word)

femme said...

OMG you are really funny.
definitly come back, cos im loving it

femme said...

im sorry but i keep reading it in parts and commenting and it just gets funnier and funnier.

Oracle said...

looks like everybody's got this 60 question series in their blogs.

Anonymous said...

U sure are something else... man.

Well u never can tell, Nelson Mandela might visit, you know; South Africa ain't too far from Naija.

You know - anything's possible.

I hear you regarding London, some times it is good to get on the bus, you know; public transport.

Way to go! My guy.

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Alita Duplanty said...

im sorry but i keep reading it in parts and commenting and it just gets funnier and funnier.